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Alaska Moose Photos

Moose family in Wonder Lake
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Alaska Moose Photos

Alaska is home to some of the wildest and most endangered wildlife. The Moose is one of the most beloved. At Alaska Stock Images, you will find a wide variety of Alaska photos including Alaska Moose photos. To find more pictures of Alaska or photos of Moose, visit our search page.

Moose Calves near Bird Creek
Moose Calves near Bird Creek
The Moose, Alaska’s State Land Mammal, is beloved by Alaskan residents. As the largest member of the deer family, the male moose can weigh up to 1600 pounds! The largest of the moose are generally found in the western part of the Alaska. Calves are born at about 35 pounds and quickly grow to over 300 pounds in just a few months. Males are often known for their trophy size antlers. Moose are known to live to 16 years of age, but a more common life span is about 12 years. The female moose usually gives birth during the early spring and has a reputation for being very protective and will fiercely defend her calves. Ask any local on the streets of Anchorage, and they will be the first to tell you to turn around when you meet a cow moose with her calf.
Bull Moose
Bull Moose, Interior Alaska

Moose can be found throughout many regions of Alaska, but one of the most abundant regions is the Kenai Peninsula. Favoring recently fire-burned areas, meadows, and areas along major rivers, the moose prefers pond weeds, grasses, willow and birch shrubs as their main food source. Of course Alaskans find humor in everything and some have created their own industry based on the droppings from Moose. In fact, in the small town of Talkeetna, Alaskans celebrate the “Moose Dropping Festival” every year in July.

Although moose suffer their own natural predators such as wolves, bear, and even Mother Nature’s cold weather and heavy snow, one of the largest causes of moose deaths every year are people and their cars. Many moose lose their lives every year on the road systems of Alaska. Many of the highways provide reminders to slow down and keep an eye out by installing signs tallying the number of moose killed.

Watch for Moose Sign
Watch for Moose sign
On a brighter note, moose are one of the most successful wild animals to co-exist with humans in town. Anchorage sees many “urban moose” wander the streets all year around and is a popular photographic subject with the tourists and residents alike. As the mascot of the Anchorage Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, the moose will continue to be an unofficial ambassador of Alaska!

Urban Moose
Moose at home in Anchorage

Books of Interest:

Moose Views - MOOSE VIEWS captures moose meanderings through the human world in hilarious photographs and commentary from the moose point of view.

Moose: Behavior, Ecology, Conservation - Russian-born scientist Valerius Geist, a longtime contributor to National Geographic and other popular publications, here offers a highly readable, affectionate, and entertaining natural history of the moose

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