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Alaska Recreation Photos

Snowmachining on near Turnagain Arm

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Alaska Recreation Photos

Alaska is the land of recreation. From hiking to surfing, Alaska has many interesting recreation opportunities for the resident and visitor. At Alaska Stock Images, you will find a many Alaska photos including the beautiful and dramatic Alaska Recreation Photos. To find more pictures of Alaska or photos of recreation, visit our search page.

With over three million acres, Alaska has one of the largest state park systems in the United States. The Wrangell-St. Elias National Park is 13,000,000 square miles alone! Nearly one third of the U.S.'s parkland is found in Alaska. There are over 130 state park units that are found all over the state including the tallest peak in North America and deep fjords found all around the coastal waters of Alaska.

Eklutna Lake kayaking
Kayaking on Eklutna Lake

With all of this space, Alaska offers a huge variety of activities and recreation. Below are just a few opportunities along with tips on where to go.

Resurrection Pass
Biking Resurrection Pass

Hiking: In September of 2001 the Alaska Trails System was established which consists of 41 trails that are recognized for their recreational, scenic, and historic value. The 41 trails include both land and water-based trails. One of the most popular assets of Alaska's trail system is the Public Use Cabins maintained by the state. Cabins are located throughout Alaska on trails, lakes, streams, ocean shorelines and in alpine areas. Cabins are considered "rugged" and visitors are responsible for their own food and gear. Of course the "ultimate" in hiking may be summiting Mt. Mckinley. But, for the less ambitious, detailed trail information including descriptions and maps can be accessed through the Alaska State Division of Parks and Recreation.

Biking: Alaska offers a combination of biking opportunities including mountain biking, road system touring, and organized biking tours. One of the most popular biking areas in the Anchorage area is the Eklutna Lake trail system, which offers a maintained trail appropriate for the amateur to the expert bike enthusiast. With a short 40 minute drive from Alaska, bicyclists can be on their way to the backside of Eklutna Lake. Adventure Alaska, an Alaska park concessionaire, even offers a "pedal and paddle" opportunity to bike to the far side of the lake and return via kayaks. Another popular trail is the Resurrection Pass trail system which stretches 38 miles from Hope to Cooper Landing. The ride can be covered in one long day or enjoyed over several. Public use cabins are scattered along the trail which provide a resting spot for bikers and hikers alike.
Birds of Alaska
Bird Watching in Alaska

Bird Watching: Alaska attracts birds from many areas of the world, including South America, Asia, Africa, and Antarctica. Alaska has an abundant source of food which attract many species of birds. Alaska's bird checklist includes 445 documented species and an additional 35 unsubstantiated species. Birding in Alaska is often best during peaks of migration, the breeding season, or areas where the salmon are running and large amounts of food are available. The breeding season in Alaska is very brief, especially north of the Arctic Circle. Some of the favored places around the Anchorage area are Potter Marsh and the Eagle River Nature Center.

Sea Kayaking in Unikwik Inlet
Sea Kayaking in Alaska
Sea Kayaking: The coastline of Alaska is longer than that of the lower 48 states which provides an enormous area to explore by kayak. Alaska offers a wide array of sea kayaking opportunities across Alaska with spectacular kayaking locations such as Kenai Fjords National Park, Prince William Sound, Glacier Bay National Park and Kachemak Bay State Park. Seward's Resurrection Bay provides some of the most accessible and breathtaking opportunities. After a short two-mile drive from Anchorage, kayakers can strike off to explore along the shoreline of Caines Head State Recreation Area and watch for sea otters, sea lions, bald eagles, numerous sea birds, salmon and, on occasion, orcas or humpback whales. Numerous charters also offer the opportunity to get to more distant areas to take in the sites of glaciers, bays, and remote lodging or camping.

Surfing: Perhaps Alaska is not the first location to come to mind when the topic of surfing arises. However, Yakutat, Hinchbrook Island (near Cordova), and Kodiak Island are growing fast as "surfing destinations." Alaska hosts it own Alaska Long Board Surf Festival with the goal to surf the most northern point of the Pacific Ocean. This event is a remote camping surf festival to surf it up Alaskan style!

Surfing in Alaska
Surfing in Alaska

Winter Sports: Saving the most obvious for last, winter sports including skiing, snowboarding, riding snow machines, and ice-skating are among some of the favorites of Alaskans. Contrary to popular belief, Alaska is not shrouded in darkness 24 hours a day. In particular, the southern areas of Alaska enjoy anywhere from 6-13 hours of daylight depending on the time of the season. The southern part of Alaska also offers average temperatures in the 20-degree range, which provides winter recreation in complete comfort. Alaska's Chugach Mountains around Valdez hosts some of the premier extreme sport skiing and heli-skiing opportunities. Because of the late spring skiing, seasoned skiers come to Alaska to extend their skiing season as long as possible. Of course, one of the more unique sports is dog mushing. Whether it is long distance racing, recreational dog mushing, or sprint racing, Alaskans know the best way to travel is on a sled. For information on dog mushing clubs, races, and beginners' guides, visit The most famous race, of course, is the Iditarod Sled Dog Race held annually in honor of the original emergency serum run.

skiing photos
Skiing in Alaska

Books of Interest

Boats of Alaska - A rare combination of skilled writer and accomplished photographer, Harry Walker delivers stories that are as absorbing as his photographs, showing these "ordinary" things Alaskan in new light. In BOATS OF ALASKA, Harry writes about the men and women who operate Alaska's amazing flotilla. Every boat has a story, and a skipper or crewmember eager to tell it.

Adventures in Nature Alaska - With more than 57 million acres of designated wilderness to wander, the Alaskan adventurer needs a good guidebook in hand, and Alaska Adventures in Nature is a good candidate. Paul Otteson offers advice on visiting national parks, preserves, forests, monuments, and wildlife refuges.

Umbrella Guide to Skiing in Alaska - Skiing has been a way of life in Alaska since the turn of the century. The book provides info on the cross-country runs through cities and towns, wilderness lodges surrounded by miles of ski trails, downhill ski areas outside Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, and Cordova, and helicopter and snowcat services offering access to untouched powder on glaciers and icefields.

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