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Juneau Alaska Photos

Juneau Alaska skyline

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Juneau Alaska Photos

Juneau is Alaska's State Capital but not the first one. In 1867, Alaska was sold by Russia to the U.S. for $7,200,000. The U.S. flag was raised at Sitka, making Sitka Alaska's first capital. However, in 1900, the governor's office was moved to Juneau, and by 1913, the young territory's legislature was also moved to its new home. Since then Juneau has been a culturally and politically rich corner of Alaska. At Alaska Stock Images, you will find a wide variety of Alaska photos including Juneau Alaska Photos. To find more pictures of Alaska or photos of Juneau, visit our search page.

Downtown Juneau
Juneau, Alaska
Juneau's city limits are quite large – covering about 3,248 square miles, Juneau is twice the size of the state of Rhode Island. However, the population of Juneau is fewer than 30,000. Today, Juneau remains the third largest city in Alaska and its economy is primarily based on state, local, and federal government. Tourism comes in as the second major contributor to the economy with mining and fishing rounding out the top four.
Aerial of Juneau & Douglas Island
Douglas Island & Juneau

The "Greater Juneau" area is comprised in part of the southeast panhandle mainland, several smaller islands, and Douglas Island. Douglas was at one point had the larger population and was considered the "center of town." However, as population and need for space grew, the general migration of the city's population shifted to the current downtown Juneau area with the help of the construction of the Douglas Bridge. However, a friendly competition still exists. Each year the Douglas competes with Juneau by holding their own 4th of July parade. Cars have also been known to read "Douglas: the Gateway to Juneau."

The early beginnings of Juneau are much like the rest of Alaska's towns - a Gold Rush boomtown. Richard Harris and Joseph Juneau first established a 160-acre claim in 1880 after being presented with gold ore from the Auk Tlingit tribe. Their discovery was the first to result in an Alaska town.
Early start of Juneau as a tent city
Juneau in its begining as a tent city

Juneau has over 130 miles of hiking trails but only 45 miles of roadway; Juneau is only accessible by boat or air. This "isolation" is often a political controversy and continues to be a battle with the residents of Alaska. Should the capital be more accessible and closer to the largest concentration of Alaska's people? Many argue that the "remoteness" of the capital keeps the legislature protected from the eyes and ears of the constituents. Many attempts throughout the years have been made to move the capital closer to Anchorage, but due to expense and political maneuvering, the move has never been made.

Although the population is at just about 30,000, Bald Eagles number in the 20,000 range and has one of the world's largest concentrations of Brown Bears on nearby Admiralty island - about 2.34 bears per square mile.

Meltwater on Juneau Icefield
Meltwater on Juneau Icefield
Juneau's backyard is the Juneau Icefield which is approximately 1,500 square miles and borders Canada. There is 928 square miles of ice cap, 704 square miles of water and only 264 square miles of urban development with another 1,352 square miles of wilderness rainforest including the Tongass National Forest. The nearby Taku Glacier can generate winds in excess of 100 mph. However, the more "docile" Mendenhall Glacier provides some of the most pristine beauty and accessible views to thousands of visitors every year. A short 65 miles northwest of Juneau lies the famed Glacier Bay National Park. This 3.3 million acre park is home to spectacular tidewater glaciers and a unique array of flora and fauna including humpback and orca whales, black and brown bear, puffins and bald eagles.

Canoeist at Mendenhall Lake
Mendenhall Lake

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