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Our Alaska photographers are professionals and some of the finest photographers living and working in Alaska. They have dedicated their working lives to capturing great images on film for the world to see. Alaska can be a very harsh environment, even within the city limits of Anchorage. Our Anchorage photographers as well as our photographers all over Alaska and even internationally love that challenge and have often times gone to extremes to get the images you see on this site. Whether being swarmed in the summer by our State bird (the mosquito), getting frozen fingers in the dead of winter, camping out with bears, scaling snow covered mountains to get "the shot," or simply if they rolled down the window of their car and went "click," these photographers truly work hard for these images. Their commitment in time, film, equipment, model fees and travel expenses is an investment that must pay off for them in order for their survival and the continuance of them creating great, unique Alaska pictures.

These are some of the fine photographers of Alaska Stock, and we here in the office of Alaska Stock salute their determination and skill of their chosen lifestyle and craft. We know they are THE BEST!!

See galleries of Alaska pictures by Alaska photographers:
Chris Arend
Randy Brandon
Alissa Crandall
Michael DeYoung
Patrick Endres
Carl Battreall
Tom Evans
Calvin Hall
Johnny Johnson
Mark Kelley
Steven Kazlowski
Al Grillo
Greg Martin
Clark James Mishler
Jeff Schultz
Kevin G. Smith
Harry Walker
John Warden
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