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Stock photos are images that have previously been taken by a photographer but not necessarily as a paid assignment for new photography. Usually these pictures are from the photographers' self-assignments. Oftentimes the pictures are subjects that the photographer has a passion for and knowledge of. With our professional Alaska photographers, it is often wildlife and nature. But many Anchorage photographers and photographers in Alaska also photograph Alaskan lifestyles which often reflect the lifestyles of all Americans. These stock photos are then leased to commercial clients for paid uses such as advertisements, brochures, annual reports and magazines.

While it can be very costly and time-consuming to hire a photographer to photograph polar bears fighting or remote locations such as ANWR, you are also not guaranteed good weather, active wildlife or even quality photos. An easier, less expensive and more reliable method to get the photo you want is to call a stock photo agency, such as Alaska Stock Images, and have the knowledgeable researchers find existing photos by our professional Alaska photographers that meet your criteria.

Our website is also a great searching tool for finding the perfect Alaska photo 24/7. Using stock photography provides you with a choice of many photos from a variety of professional photographers whether it be commerical photography, corporate photography, or editorial photography and you know exactly what image you'll get.

Alaska Stock pricing varies depending on the license type and how the image will be used. If you have questions about using and pricing any photo, please feel free to contact us or you can read more on licensing stock photography.

You can request photo research by using our online search request form or by contacting us at:


135 Christensen Drive, 3B
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

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