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Alaska Politics and Photos of Sarah Palin

Alaska Politics

View photos former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin

Current political figures for the State of Alaska

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin proudly holds catch of the day!

Sarah Palin (R) - Governor Sarah Palin made history on Dec. 4, 2006, when she took office. As the 11th governor of Alaska, she is the first woman to hold the office.

Since taking office, Sarah Palin's top priorities have been resource development, education and workforce development, public health and safety, and transportation and infrastructure development.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin
Sarah Heath Palin arrived in Alaska with her family in 1964, when her parents came to teach school in Skagway. Sarah Palin received a bachelor of science degree in communications-journalism from the University of Idaho in 1987. Palin, who graduated from Wasilla High School in 1982, has lived in Skagway, Eagle River and Wasilla.

Governor: Sean Parnell - Governor Sean Parnell arrived in Alaska in 1973 at the age of 10. He inherited his love of our vast state from his father, Pat Parnell, who decided to move his wife and two sons to Alaska after being stationed at Fort Richardson. Sean graduated from East Anchorage High School in 1980, going on to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Pacific Lutheran University, as well as a doctorate of jurisprudence from University of Puget Sound School of Law (now known as Seattle University School of Law). He has been an attorney since 1987 and is admitted to practice in Alaska and Washington, D.C. Like his father before him, Sean owned his own business for many years, a small law practice located in downtown Anchorage.

Lieutenant Governor: Mead Treadwell - Mead Treadwell was elected as Alaska’s Lieutenant Governor in November, 2010. Mead Treadwell first came Alaska as a teenager in 1974 and worked as a volunteer intern in Wally Hickel’s office. It was the beginning of a friendship that lasted for thirty-eight years. After graduating from Yale, Treadwell moved to Alaska in 1978 and worked as lead political reporter for the Anchorage Times. In 1980, he was part of a team of writers which won the Blethen Award, a top prize for investigative reporting in the Pacific Northwest. In 1982, after completing his MBA at the Harvard Business School, Treadwell joined former Governor Hickel and former Governor Bill Egan as founders of the Yukon Pacific Corporation which started the all Alaska gas pipeline project. Over the years, Mead Treadwell has held leadership positions in a wide range of policy, professional, public service, governmental and international organizations.

U.S. Senator, Democrat: Mark Begich -Senator Begich was elected to the Senate in 2008 after serving as mayor of Anchorage for nearly six years. Born and raised in Anchorage, Senator Begich's other priorities include reducing the national deficit, tax reform, and building a national energy policy that emphasizes Alaska's oil and gas resources, an Alaska natural gas pipeline and the state’s many renewable resources. A businessman since age 14, Senator Begich is bringing his business acumen to the work in the Senate. In 1988, at age 26, Mark was the youngest person ever elected to the Anchorage Assembly where he served for nearly 10 years. During that time, his colleagues three times elected him chairman, Anchorage's second highest political office, and he also served as chair of the budget committee. During his time as mayor, Anchorage went through the biggest building boom in a generation, attracting millions of dollars worth of public and private investment.

U.S. Senator, Republican: Lisa Murkowski - Senator Lisa Murkowski is the first Alaskan born Senator to serve the State and only the sixth United States Senator from Alaska. Murkowski is a third generation Alaskan, born in Ketchikan and raised in towns across the state: Wrangell, Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Since joining the Senate in 2002, Senator Murkowski has already made many strides on issues facing Alaskans. As she advocates for legislation on the Senate floor, her passion for improving the state of health care, education, energy, Veteran's affairs, and infrastructure development in Alaska is unquestionable.

Only the 33rd female to serve in the United States Senate since its founding in 1789, Senator Murkowski has assumed leadership roles quickly in the Senate, being selected to serve as a Deputy Whip, to assist the Majority Whip on voting strategy and other leadership functions, and as Chairman of the class of new Senators elected in 2002.

U.S. Congress, Republican: Don Young - Congressman Don Young was re-elected to the 110th Congress in 2006 to serve his 18th term as Alaska's only Representative to the United States House of Representatives. First sworn in as a freshman to the 93rd Congress after winning a special election on March 6, 1973, Congressman Young is today the 3rd ranking Republican member and the 7th ranking overall member of the House of Representatives.

Congressman Young served as Chairman of the House Resources Committee from 1994 to 2000 and then as the Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee from 2000-2006. In the 110th Congress, Representative Young has returned to the helm of the Resources Committee to lead his fellow Republicans as the Ranking Member.


Alaskan Independence Party
Alaska Democratic Party
Alaska Green Party
Alaska Libertarian Party
Republican Party of Alaska
Republican Moderate Party of Alaska


Tony Knowles, Former Governor of Alaska
Tony Knowles with Fran Ulmer

William A. Egan - January 3, 1959 to December 5, 1966 (Democratic)

Walter J. Hickel - December 5, 1966 to January 29, 1969 (Republican)

Keith Miller - January 29, 1969 to December 7, 1970 (Republican)

William A. Egan - December 7, 1970 to December 2, 1974 (Democratic)

Jay Hammond - December 2, 1974 to December 6, 1982 (Republican)

Bill Sheffield - December 6, 1982 to December 1, 1986 (Democratic)

Steve Cowper - December 1, 1986 to December 3, 1990 (Democratic)

Walter J. Hickel - December 3, 1990 to December 5, 1994 (Alaskan Independence)

Tony Knowles - December 5, 1994 to December 2, 2002 (Democratic)

Frank Murkowski - December 2, 2002 to December 4, 2006 (Republican)

Sarah Palin - December 4, 2006 to July 2009 (Republican)

Sean Parnell - July 2009 to present (Republican)

Books of Interest:

Frigid Embrace: Politics, Economics, and Environment in Alaska - "Frigid Embrace" offers a revealing look at the social and political impact of Alaska's economic dependence, with chapters devoted to milestones such as the discovery of the Prudhoe Bay oil field and the Exxon Valdez debacle. It presents for a wide audience a compelling account of Alaska's colonial struggles and offers a key to understanding the historical roots of current environmental controversies.

Alaska Politics and Government (Politics and Governments of the American States) - McBeath and Morehouse describe the workings of Alaska's government: the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, as well as the state's relations with the federal government. The ongoing pattern of federal control and Alaskans' sporadically virulent response to it are emblematic of the tensions between dependence on federal policies and the struggle for equal influence with the other forty-nine states.

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