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Positive feedback is fun to give and receive. We'd like to first thank all our clients for keeping us in mind. Read on to find out what the Alaska Stock experience is all about.

1) Did the picture specialist you worked with do what s/he said s/he’d do?

    “Gina Bringman is our representative and she has made working with Alaska Stock a pleasure. She is one of the few reps from the stock houses that I deal with that I enjoy speaking with the most.” - J. Larena-Lacayo, Cooper DDBAlaska stock pictures for editorial use

    “Yes, Always. Gina was terrific at organizing everything for me on your end.” - A. Baggio, Where Alaska & The Yukon Magazine

    “Yes! Laurie has always been most helpful. I've worked with her on several occasions to meet the tight budgets of our some of our clients. She is also very quick to return emails when I'm under a rush deadline.” - A. Latham, SQN Communications Design, Inc.

    “Was great to not only have an easily accessible web site, but to have follow-up calls regarding order in a timely manner.” - R. Bogle, Prestige Productions, Inc.

    “Yes, my picture specialists worked with me to find the photos I needed, and exceeded my expectations for speed and quantity.” - H. Wilkinson, Graphic Works

    “Yes I was impressed:Carrie was great to work with. We both had a clear understanding of each others needs before amounts were discussed.” - Alaska Power

    “Yes I was impressed; He was very kind and friendly!” - Daniela Luschin, Wangail-Society for Threatened Peoples

2) How would you describe the appropriateness of the type of images the picture specialist selected for your project?

    “The pictures were perfect for what we were looking for as a cover for a proposal.” - B. Bitney, First Southwest Company

    “I selected them myself, but Laurie's help and feedback on those choices was invaluable.” - Mike Donovan, Gere Donovan Creative

    “They were good, I’m happy:I got exactly what I was looking for and that fast!” - Daniela Luschin, Wangail-Society for Threatened Peoples

    “Perfect for our project and needs.” - K. Faulkner, Discovery Creative Resources

    “The images were exactly in the line of what I needed, very appropriate and unique images.” - B. Washburn, GCI

    “Great. I've never been to Alaska before but Gina provided me with a good range of images to choose from so I almost found everything that I was looking for.” - A. Baggio, Where Alaska & The Yukon Magazine

    “Our business is pretty specialized (tug and barge) so getting photos that are appropriate can be a real hassle. Laurie came up with a good selection for us.” - K. Hakoda, Northland Services

    “In several instances she’s found some great images that we needed but weren’t in your normal library.” - L. Friedlander, Split Rock Studios

    “Exactly what I was looking fact, we just got approval from the client on one of the images she supplied.” - S. Carnevale, Barton-Cotton

    “There were so many projects (!!!!) but I was thrilled with the outcome of each.” - L. Rigby, Interspace Airport Advertising

3) How would you describe the timeliness of the delivery of your images?

    “Delivery was in a matter of minutes.” - B. Bitney, First Southwest Company

    “Amazing. They had it ready within 24 hours.” - M. Knodel, Arctic Trading Post

    “Prompt. Always on time.” - A. Baggio, Where Alaska & The Yukon Magazine

    “Great, not only the delivery but very timely responses to everything.” - M. Stein, The Nature Conservancy

    “Always quick.” - D. MacLaughlin, Vantage Travel

    “We had the images within literally minutes of requesting them.” - L. Rigby, Interspace Airport Advertising

4) I would describe the quality of Alaska Stock’s images as:

    “They fit our projects and the variety is amazing.” - J. Larena-Lacayo, Cooper DDB

    “Very professional and a huge variety. The graphic artist and printing companies love your product.” - M. Jarvis, Medallion Foundation

    “Images were high quality and wide variety to choose from.” - N. Copeland, Manifesto Inc.

    “High quality, great images.” - D. Smith, Paradigm Communications Group for Alaska Airlines Magazine

    “Wonderful: Colorful, varied, plenty of visual interest.” - S. Carnevale, Barton-Cotton

    “The best in town. I would never recommend any other place to my clients.” - L. Rigby, Interspace Airport Advertising

5) I would describe the fee I paid for using the image(s) as:

    “Outstanding. Jennifer really worked with our budget to help us to keep costs on point, but also allowed us to use hi-quality images so we do no compromise the integrity of our title.” - J. Eun, Oxford University Press

    “Very reasonable.” - D. Smith, Paradigm Communications Group for Alaska Airlines Magazine

    “Competitive.” - M. Phillips, Rapidforms, Inc.

    "The fees for the images were very competitive, and the images themselves were outstanding." - Dave Partee, Alaska Sea Grant College Program

6) Overall, my experience working with Alaska Stock was:

    “Best stock photo company customer service. Fast turn times especially since the transparency was rescanned for color accuracy before being delivered to me.” - B. Kaegi, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute

    “Always professional. And you send good chocolate!!” - M. Jarvis, Medallion Foundation

    “Always a positive experience.” - J. Green, Williwaw Publishing

    “Very pleasant! Fast action.” - A. Whittle, National Geographic Society

    “Great. I feel bad because I only know at the last minute when an ad using a particular AK Stock image is going to run. I usually only have a few hours to negotiate price, which is sometimes difficult with our being on the East coast. Somehow Laurie is always fast to answer my emails and get us a fair price in the nick of time.” - A. Latham, SQN Communications Design, Inc.

    “Great!” - C. Bormann, DDB Seattle

    “Great!” - L. Fernandez, Cooper and Hayes

    “Overall the photos were great, the service was wonderful (especially for a late Friday night request) because a credit card was used and the photo was emailed promptly.” - J. Cullen, Mhley/Davis & Assoc.

    “Excellent. The Customer Service is remarkable.” - H. Wilkinson, Graphic Works

    “One of the highlights of doing business in Anchorage. There is a comfort that comes with working with AK Stock. You never have to worry about unreliability.” - L. Rigby, Interspace Airport Advertising

    "Doing business with Alaska Stock was great. Gina was a big help, and got us what we needed." - Dave Partee, Alaska Sea Grant College Program

7) My expectations for the level of service I received were:

    “Quite frankly my past experience has been with the the "big boys". Their reps are often rude and asking them to research an image is a complete waste of time. I do all my own research and expect to fight for everything else. This transaction was the opposite. Although I had few images to select from (Due to the market for Native Alaskan healthcare images), I was able to find two which worked well. My rep was very helpful, on the ball and ready to search for more should I need them. I really appreciate that. Keep up the good service! Thank you!!” - B. Kaegi, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute

    “Way above average.” - J. Larena-Lacayo, Cooper DDB

    “High and were met.” - B. Bitney, First Southwest Company

    “Exceeded- Everyone I spoke to was exceedingly helpful and I was very impressed by the friendliness and quality of service” - Allison Robertson, National Public Relations

    “Surpassed.” - J. Eun, Oxford University Press

    “My high expectations are always met if not exceeded.” - J. Green, Williwaw Publishing

    “You surpassed by expectations. - B. Washburn, GCI

    “Filled completely.” - M. Stein, The Nature Conservancy

    “I typically have a high expectation of service. With Alaska Stock the service has always been great and professional.” - S. Sheard, The Nerland Agency

8) The best thing about my experience with Alaska Stock was:

    “Our rep… she is great!” - J. Larena-Lacayo, Cooper DDB

    “Just how friendly and accommodating the staff was.” - J. Eun, Oxford University Press

    “Your customer service is very professional, prompt and follow-up. Great job.” - M. Jarvis, Medallion Foundation

    “Top-notch people, top-notch service.” - J. Green, Williwaw Publishing

    “The hard-to-find subject matter.” - Kerry Faulkner, Discovery Creative Resources

    “The speed with which the work was done.” - M. Knodel, Arctic Trading Post

    “How easy and painless it was. Laurie Campbell ...was extremely helpful and was great at following up and offering suggestions via e-mail. I'm sure we'll be using your services again.” - K. Hakoda, Northland Services

    “Laurie is one of the best customer service people I have dealt with and she is the main reason we purchased this year.” - T. Bell, Bell's Travel Guides

    “Laurie was wonderful to work with and helped me find just the right pictures. I appreciate her hard work and timeliness.” - G. Currier, Northrim Bank

    “Willingness to put together light boxes and the images selected were very appropriate.” - D. Smith, Paradigm Communications Group for Alaska Airlines Magazine

    “It was a pleasure working with everyone at Alaska Stock.” - J. Severson, FIRSTRAX, Inc.

    “The nice people I deal with! Love Gina!!!” - L. Fernandez, Cooper and Hayes

    “Lots of things, but I suppose getting costs quickly really helps us move our clients along to the next step promptly.” - S. Sheard, The Nerland Agency

    “The quality of the photographs and the customer service. I really enjoyed everyone I worked with there.” - Adrienne Wilkerson- Beacon Design

    “I just think Laurie is the best photo rep I've ever worked with. And I've worked with quite a few. Personable, professional, sharp and very, very thoughtful and focused on providing excellent, timely service.” - Mike Donovan, Gere Donovan Creative

    “Friendly and courteous service. The staff is always there whenever you need them.” - NBC News

    “The contact with Laurie and the accountant! Very cooperative and friendly people.” - Daniela Luschin, Wangail-Society for Threatened Peoples

    “Finding the image we needed in the quickest turn around time possible.” - Heather Bickle, Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario Canada

9) How would you describe the Alaska Stock website for navigation, features and your online experience?:
    “Getting to work with a customer service person was a real treat and Carrie was fast getting me quotes.” - Adrienne Wilkerson- Beacon Design

Additional Comments (good, bad or otherwise!) & Suggestions:

    “You have been an invaluable source for us over the years and we look forward to continuing our relationship.” - M. Phillips, Rapidforms, Inc.

    “I have worked with Alaska Stock for at least 12 years (? or more – I don’t remember – but started back in the days when you couriered transparencies to me in Seattle). I come back because your images are great, service is great, pricing structure works....what more can I say!!” - L. Hoge, Leslie Hoge Design

    “I've always had a good experience with Alaska Stock.” - S. Watkins, Harcourt School Publishers

    “I really appreciate the follow-up emails reminding us of specific photos. Our projects can either be a very long time or happen extremely quickly. Either way Alaska Stock has been very accommodating. And, again, you help us do our job and we appreciate that. We probably don’t say thank you enough … Thank you.” - S. Sheard, The Nerland Agency

    “I have to tell you: You guys have one of the best websites I ve ever used....” - Chris Bain, Dir. of Photography, Barnes & Noble

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