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Alaska Stock is located in Anchorage, Alaska and is a full-service, stock photography agency specializing in images of Alaskan outdoor lifestyles, recreation, landscapes, holiday, winter lifestyles and wildlife. We offer both rights-protected and royalty-free images for use in commercial applications such as advertisements, corporate use, editorial books & magazines, websites and retail products. We represent images from over 100 professional photographers. We are a small agency with the ultimate in professional, creative, friendly and informed people. Images on this site may not be used or published without payment.

Meet our wonderful staff of creative individuals. We are all here to help you get your job done. Ask for us by name.

Gina Bringman
Nickname: "g-money"
Business Title: Pick one...I have several: Editor, Project Specialist, Art Distribution, Social Community Manager, and so on...
What she really does: Shuffle images
What she'd like to be doing: Road trips!
Favorite past time in winter: Wine tasting! (ok, that's all year 'round, really)
Favorite past time in summer: Alaska!
Originally from: Born in Missoula, Montana...closest hospital to the ranger district where my father worked and where we called home.

Laurie McCampbell
Nickname: Lore
Business Title: Director of Sales & Marketing
What she really does: Scratches head and looks around in wonder
What she'd like to be doing: Travelling, playing with handmade papers, making images and dancing among friends with wild abandon.
Favorite past time in winter: Cross-country skiing, putting on more layers and staring up with amazement at the big dipper.
Favorite past time in summer: Gardening, flying over glaciers and sea kayaking in Virgin Bay.
Originally from: Bob & Judy

Ann Matchett
Nickname: Anntastic!
Business Title: Contributor & Content Manager
What she really does: pit bull whisperer/ photo conjurer
What she'd like to be doing: traveling, shooting (photos, not people), hanging out with friends, family, and their canine crew
Favorite past time in winter: learning to skijor with my dog Kane, knitting, drinking delicious (but sadly decaf) coffee and sleeping
Favorite past time in summer: walking with Kane, BBQ's with my peeps, hiking in the rain, drinking delicious (but again sadly decaf) iced coffee and never sleeping
Originally from: Anchorage
Why she lives in Alaska: Because there's no place like home...

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