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What's the Difference and Which is Right for Your Project?

Alaska Stock Images offers flexibility in using professional imagery for commercial advertising, editorial and corporate use. We offer both Royalty-Free and Rights-Managed imagery. While it may seem that price and licensing use are the main differences between the two, there are other factors to be considered when choosing between Rights-Managed images and Royalty-Free.

Here are the differences at a glance, but please review the comparison chart below and the links to read about each factor.


When should you choose a rights-managed image? Clients generally choose rights-managed images when the image will be used for a high-profile project such as print advertising, brochure & catalog covers, retail products and more. Higher licensing fees & the fact that the use of rights-managed images is tracked, help prevent these images from saturating the market and therefore help reduce potential conflicts of use. Alaska Stock Images offers a greater selection of Rights-Managed images.

How are the fees calculated?
The fees and usage rights for rights-managed images are based on the specific project's criteria:
  • INTENDED USE: brochure, print advertisement, billboard, etc.
  • USE SIZE: 1/4 page, full page, double page, etc.
  • PLACEMENT OF IMAGE: inside, cover, etc.
  • PRESS RUN OR CIRCULATION: 5,000 brochures or an ad in a 250,000 press run magazine.
  • DURATION OF THE USE: One-time, Six months, one year etc.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION: Local, Regional, National or International.
You can click on the pricing icon under any thumbnail or contact us to determine an exact price.


When should I choose royalty-free images?
"Royalty-free" means that you pay only once for an image that can be used for multiple projects over an unlimited period of time. Our clients typically choose to use the royalty-free images for smaller, complimentary uses rather than making them the primary focus. Because royalty-free products are less expensive and are sold on a completely non-exclusive basis, there is the potential for conflict with your competitor using the same image or seeing the same image in other uses within the same media.

How are the fees calculated?
Fees for royalty-free images are based only on the file size selected for purchase.

You are protected from competitors
Using the same image

Rights/Conflict Protection

Top-notch images via
high-res scans


Top-notch images available as
various size scans priced accordingly
Alaska Stock has over 275,000
rights-controlled images to choose from

Amount of images

Alaska Stock has a collection of over† 2600 images
One-time rights for specific uses


Almost unlimited rights *
Based on usage. Small use, small fee; big use, bigger fee


Based on file size purchased
(7 sizes, 7 prices)
Many ways: website, custom searched lightbox, custom webpost


Searchable on our website
Free use from our website


Free use from website
Same day digital files via online purchse, FTP, or e-mail.

Delivery of images

Download from website


Conflict Protection

This is by far THE MAJOR and most critical difference between Rights-Managed and Royalty-Free imagery no matter who you are buying it from. Alaska Stock keeps a complex database of all sales made from our Gold Collection of rights-managed images. This database shows all sales made, dates of use, end client, industry and more. This protects YOU against use by a competitor and allows you to have full knowledge of the use of an image by anyone.

Our Alaskan-Express royalty-free collection, (and other agencies selling royalty-free images) is not monitored for what clients are using what images.


All of Alaska Stock's images, both rights-managed and royalty-free, are the highest professional quality obtainable.


Types & Amount of Images

Alaska Stock's Rights-Managed images covers just about every aspect of life in Alaska. Over 275,000 Alaskan pictures are available for you to choose from. If you are in need of a specific place or subject matter, we most likely have it in this collection.

Our Alaskan Express Royalty-Free section provides a wide range of images which are generally associated with Alaska (wildlife, landscapes, popular cities, recreation, etc.) but does not go into the editorial, story-telling images about specific locations, industries, people etc. The collection also provides a selection called "On White." These are images of people and objects shot on a white background and include a clipping path. These are images of people in dress common to Alaska such as a fisherman, skier, hiker etc. The "On-white" selection also includes commonly used Alaskan objects like outdoor recreation gear (snowshoes, camp stove, hats, gloves, fishing lures etc.) Our Alaskan Express collection provides a selection of over 3,000 images. 



Alaska Stock's Rights-Managed images are licensed on a per-use basis for specific uses. For instance, one-time use in a 20,000 press run brochure in the beverage industry distributed only in New York. Or...Advertising use for the insurance industry in national magazines with unlimited insertions. This is how we keep track of the usage so no competitor uses the same image in the same industry in the same time period.

With Alaska Stock's Express Collection of royalty free images, you are free to use the image for almost any purpose (see complete RF license)for as long as you want. We do not allow you to use any of our images in a way that may seem pornographic, defamatory, libelous, slanderous or imply that the person in the image endorses a specific product or service.  Also the images cannot be re-sold or put into a retail product that is sold.



Alaska Stock's Rights-Managed images are priced according to usage. We take into consideration the size, placement, and forum the image will be used in as well as the uniqueness of the image and price it accordingly. This can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousands depending on use. We attempt to make it as simple as possible. An exact fee can be dermined by clicking on the pricing icon under any thumbnail in your search.

Alaska Stock's Alaskan Express Collection of Royalty-Free imagery is priced ONLY on the file size you purchase:

Size Price Resolution Uncompressed
File Size
For use as:
150x210 $39 72 ppi 94 kb web/screen res
360x556 $55 72 ppi 586 kb web/screen res
576x890 $100 72 ppi 1.47 mb web res/small print
792x1226 $153 72 ppi 2.77 mb web/small print
1500x2318 $349 300 ppi 9.95 mb web/medium print (5x7)
2400x3700 $479 300 ppi 25.5 mb web/large print (8x10)
3300x5100 $527 300 ppi 50 mb web/XL print (11x17)


From our Rights-Managed image collection, search is easy using our fully searchable and e-commerce enabled website. We are also happy to do the research for you...and it's FREE! Conctact our friendly account executives by email or phone (800-487-4285) and we can search images for you and place them in a custom lightbox within your account or send a link to the lightbox . Our service is fast and courteous....tell us your search subject and deadline and we will deliver!
You may use any of Alaska Stock's images from our website or catalog for comp purposes at no charge. In fact, Alaska Stock has available large un-watermarked comps for even better layouts for your clients. Drop us an email for details on accessing large comps.


Both Rights-Managed and Alaskan Express Royalty-Free images are available for download once you have added an image(s) to your "cart," entered a credit card number and clicked on "download."

For purchases made through your account executive, delivery can be made according to your preference of one of these methods: email, FTP, online dowload.